Monday, December 10, 2012

Looking for more stories

Hi everyone,

In the past few months I have been watching endless episodes of One Born Every Minute, and listening to my midwife sister tell me birthing stories.  Despite my own kids getting older and me being unlikely to go through a birth again, I still LOVE birth stories.  In the past two weeks I've had two emails relating to this blog and it's reminded me how much these stories mean to me.  So, if you're reading this and you would like to submit your story or you know anyone who would like to submit a story, send them my way.

All birth is beautiful and meaningful, whether you have a c-section, home birth, hospital birth, miscarriage... anything.  We all have our own story, including Dads, birthing partners, doulas, midwives etc.  All stories welcome!


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Larissa Jade Gray said...

How funny, I was just thinking the other day I hadn't seen any new posts on here, and that I really should write Madeline's birth story soon! When it's done I will definitely send it on :)