Monday, September 06, 2010

Molly's birth

I got induced because I had Gestational Diabetes and Polyhydramnios (too much fluid around the baby)

Started induction on Tuesday 11th May at 8.30am. First lot of gel was put in and we had to wait 6 hours, then have a internal - was having v bad gel pains/cramps in this time, thought they must've been doing something. 2.30pm - internal done, nothing really had changed. Cervix was still posterior, 1cm long but was soft. This gel/internal crap kept going till Thursday Morn 7am when they decided OOOO we can finally break the waters. Cervix was only 2cm dilated.

After they broke my waters, i gushed for an hour (Sorry severe TMI) i used about 10 towels and they were all soaking wet. I had a lot of fluid!!!! once i had finished gushing and was only trickling, they took me to the delivery suite where they started me on the Syntocin Drip. 5ish mins later i started having contractions. MW turned up the drip then i started having very intense contractions - 5ish in 10 mins - couldn't handle them, they were soooo bad - we find out why they were so bad in a minute. I started gas. Got sooooo high, had next contraction and Molly's heart rate dropped. I didn't know wtf was going on and every time i had a contraction, her HR would drop to like 40. I had to keep taking the gas for the pain, but i couldn't understand what everyone was telling me LOL. At like 4pm ish they decided to do the emergency c-sect because she was so distressed and she was face presentation - her face was smashing into my pelvis every time i had a contraction, which is why it hurt so much.

C-sect went perfect, Molly was born at 4.47pm - weighed 6lb 4oz. Her face looked like she had been in the boxing ring with Mike Tyson because of all the banging into my bones. Poor little mite, even her tongue was bruised.

(She's perfect and beautiful and 6 months old now!)

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