Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Kate Abby's birth

I was 7 days overdue and had been waking every morning dissappointed when nothing had happened because I was sure I would go into labour during the night. Sure enough..... at 2am on Monday 9th February I felt my first contraction. I even started timing them from 3am to make sure I wasn't imagioning it. They were every 3 minutes but not lasting all that long.
I had an appointment for monitoring of baby at 9:30am so I went along to that to find I was 1cm dialated. wooo hooo. My MW thought I'd be back in by that night having the baby. So I went home and relaxed for the rest of the day, it was stinking hot and I attempted to sleep and watch a dvd. By that evening nothing was really happening I had been having contractions all day but no real drama. By 10pm I wasn't sure whether to go to bed because they were becoming stronger. My MW txt to say 'call me if you need to go to hospital' so we arranged for me to go in and meet her at 11:30pm.
When I arrived she thought I was 7-8cms diallated and then changed her mind to 3-4cms. GRRR.
I was given pethadine and told to try and get some sleep. (yeah right!) The contractions were pretty strong, and the pethadine wasn't working so I got into the birthing pool (but it was far too cold), and when I got out the contractions had all but stopped. I dozed on a plastic chair for the next few hours as I didn't want to move incase the contractions started again.
At about 5am my MW finally came back, she had, had a great sleep and was supprised that I hadn't. I was hooked up to the monitor again and the contractions came back but not all that strong. This continued through to daylight. I think it was about 9am when things went slightly down hill. I was 8cms diallated and had stayed that way since 5am. My body must have hit the transition stage and it really started to shut down I was frozen and couldn't stop shaking. That was when the MW decided we needed to get things going, so all of a sudden I was having a drip put in and being given Oxytocian. Well that really got things moving contractions came back much stronger. The gas was taking too much effort to concentrate on, so I just had to breath through it. I think the babies heart rate must have dropped as well, as things were made to happen rather quickly. The baby was hooked up to the monitor continuiously and things began to progress.
Finally less than an hour after being given the drip I felt the need to push. 30minutes of pushing later and little Kate Abby arrived into this world. 10:51am after a very long time in labour. I would have to say the pushing stage was so quick it almost seemed easy.
Did I say that outloud?

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