Monday, October 13, 2008

39 weeks

One week to go, officially, but who knows what this baby will decide!

Feeling good, nice and peaceful, ready to birth. Very much looking forward to meeting our baby and having a cuddle, but not too impatient (although today would be good, lol). Feeling well.

Just had some accupuncture this morning to try and get baby moved out of posterior position, that was interesting.

Will try and get more bump photos soon, and will update here if I have any news!


Lisa said...

ohhhh so exciting, you know you're going to have to post some photos of bubs when he/she arrives, and of course a birth story when you are ready. I really hope everything goes smoothly and again I really miss your blog. Take care. Lisa (aka Lisa loses it)

Tania said...

Fingers crossed bubs arrives sooner rather than later for you. Hope everything goes just as you want it to with your home birth, looking forward to hearing the news of his/her arrival.