Saturday, August 02, 2008


For anyone playing along at home, I'm 29 weeks now, feeling great, just a little tired at times. We are planning our third home birth (not sure in #2 really counts as a home birth.. let's just call it an out of hospital or any medical setting birth! LOL). I'll keep this updated closer to the time with any news!


Tania said...

WOW - 29 weeks already! That time has really flown by, your new addition will be here before you know it - i'll be staying tuned to hear the news :-)

CaramelKitKat said...

Puh-lease put me on your text list? How exciting! I'm still a swinging voter where your baby's gender is concerned. It's driving me nuts, but I love being kept in suspenders :o)

Much love xo

Becca said...

Holy moly! I didn't know you were pregnant!!! Congratulations! That is so stinking exciting!!! Yea!

Hey, thanks for the compliment on my post. You're very sweet! :-)

I can't wait to hear more about baby #3!