Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tytus's birth

Tytus Jamie born July 18, 2007:

Went to bed as normal - couldn’t get to sleep so went and slept on the couch. 2:30AM up from ‘gas’ which was really contractions. I just didn’t feel well. I got up and did some little tasks like wiped counters, checked email, etc. Realizing it was probably labor and not gas or ‘sickness’ I started timing contractions at 3ish. They were about 3 minutes apart and 15-20 seconds long but not too strong. The doctor said to call when the contractions were 5 minutes apart for an hour. I hopped in the shower hoping to lul the pain and thinking I better enjoy 1 more shower before birth. I got out, with no success lulling the pain the contractions were only stronger, but still 3 minutes apart for 20 secondsish. Around 3:30 I called the doctor (an hour finally passed!) and he said we should probably mozy on in as Alexia’s labor wasn’t extremely long and my contractions were pretty close together. I got the OK from the Dr. so I woke Mark up (yes he was sleeping through this). I called Mom W. and told her the news and that she should head over. I packed up some stuff and we headed to the hospital - arriving at 4am. They checked me and I was dialated to 5cm (I thought this was disappointing as I was dialated to 7cm when we arrived with Alexia). I prepared myself mentally for a long labor. They asked about ‘drugs’ and I was sure I wanted Staedol ASAP and Mark insisted on an epidural but I was not too sure about that. It took FOREVER for them to get me the Staedol - I didn’t get it until 6AM!! I decided to try the epidural so they called the anesthesiologist and once again it took what seemed like forever and I got the epidural around 7am (at which time the Staedol was about worn off so I was ready for more pain relief!). OK I am convinced, Mark was right, epidurals are AMAZING! Soon after I dozed off and Mark attempted to rest also. 9:30am the nurse came in for a routine check and I had fully dialated (what! already! I didn’t feel a thing!) so it was time to have a baby. They called the doctor and he headed over. He arrived around 9:45 and he broke my water. The nurses came back in and had me start pushing. I gave a couple pushes and then they said STOP! (what?! stop!?) they almost had to deliver! Doctor came back in and a little baby BOY was born at 9:57am! I had pushed for about 7 minutes total and didn’t rip or tear at all (that is so great!) We enjoyed lokking at and holding our new son while the doctor and nurses scurried around doing who knows what (we didn’t pay attention to them we had an amazing son to pay attention too!) I felt amazing after giving birth - a completely different experience then Alexia.

Welcome to the world Tytus Jamie!

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Kate T said...

*waves hello from another kate*
love this page hun, beautiful and beautiful baby.
Kate xxx :-)