Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Birth of Miette Grace Hamilton
Sunday 22nd July, 2007
Sunshine Hospital, Melbourne, Victoria.

Due to my Dr going overseas 9 days past my due date he was in a hurry to induce me. I was booked to be induced on Monday 23rd July but we never made it that far.

Friday 20th July - 40w6d
It was my brothers 21st Birthday so we had a very busy day. We went into the Casino for breakfast and also out for dinner. Once we got home at about 9pm i realised that i hadn't felt baby move more than 4 times all day. My baby had been VERY active since 22w so it was very strange not to feel any movement. I rang the hospital and they suggested to come in, so we did. I packed my bags just incase hoping they would keep me in and i'd have a baby sooner rather than later.

10pm: We were hooked up to the monitors and all was fine. Baby was kicking but i just couldn't feel it. The midwife convinced the powers that be to let me stay overnight and be induced, i can't tell you how excited i was but little did i know that was the begining of the longest 30hrs of my life! The jell was inserted at midnight and we stayed the night in the birthing suite.

Saturday 21st July - 41w
7am: My Dr came in and broke my waters, this was rather painful, as were the internals which i hated!! He left pretty much straight away and i was left in the care of the midwives who were fantastic. Contractions started pretty much straight away and i used the gas which didn't do much other than give me something to focus on for a while.

I'm not sure what time it happened, but i was given a shot of pethadine which took the edge of the contractions, however it wore of very quickly. I was getting 3 and 4 30+ second contractions one after the other with no break, then i'd have 5 minutes where i had nothing. I think it was about lunch time when they gave me more pethadine, it was a big dose this time and worked really well. Although the same thing happened with the contractions. To get through them i used the gas and rubbed by belly with the other hand, this helped me focus on something other than the pain.

Time gets away from me here, i'm not sure exactly what time the rest of this stuff all happened. By about 2 or 3pm i was desperate for more pain relief so i asked for an epidural which is something i really didn't want. My dr was due to be back by 4pm so they asked me to wait for him and he wanted to do an internal. I wait for him and he didn't arrive until 6.30pm. By this stage i'd had no pain relief since lunch time and i was having contraction after contraction - i was in hell. I had an internal and they realised i was only about 5 cm dilated, i was absolutely guttered and just cried. All that pain and i was only half way... What crap! At this point we'd been at it for about 11 to 12 hours and i couldn't imagine going through another 12 hours in all that pain so we agreed an epi was the way to go.

After the epi i was in paradise, but unfortunately this slowed the contractions down a lot. My husband and cousin went home at midnight since my dr said it would be about breakfast time (on the sunday) before we'd have a baby.

Sunday 22nd July - 41w1d
2am: I woke up with the urge to poo, the midwife checked me out and said i was 9cm dilated. YAY! I rang Adam who had just gone to sleep (poor thing) and he and my cousin came back by 3am.

4 to 5am: I started pushing and OMG the pain! I felt like i had an orange bulging out my butt... I was crying again as the epidural did nothing for the pain in the butt, i could feel everything. I had pushed for almost 2 hours when my dr finally arrived. When he got there he said something like 'You've had a rough time love, i'm going to help you get this baby out'. I was very happy but i had no idea what he meant, it all happened so quickly.

6.45ish am: Apparently my little baby was sideways so i was never going to push her out myself. My dr started with the forceps (sp?) and i would also need a Kellans (sp?) delivery (which is when they turn her). This was so very painful. I just remember crying and begging for the dr to 'get it out'. I also had an episiotomy at some stage too. Then my cousin said 'the heads out' and about 5 seconds later she started saying 'Hayley, it's a girl... OMG, hayley it's a girl!' I had thought i was having a boy, i got my student midwife to look at my ultrasound video and she said she thought it was about 80% a boy. I hadn't told anyone but my cousin that it was a boy and i'd secretly been buying boys clothes and even a name plaque with LUCAS on it! All along we desperately wanted a little girl, so it was the most amazing surprise in the world!

6.55am: My little girl, Miette Grace was born. Weighing 7lb 14oz. They put her on my chest for half a second and then took her away. She wasn't breathing and was very blue. Her AGPAR score was 2 :( It took them 2 minutes to revive her (none of this i was aware of at the time) and all i kept saying was 'Are you sure it's a girl?' lol...

All up, my labour went for 24hrs and was NOT what i wanted. However, i now have my gorgeous little girl and i dont care how she got here. She had to spend 6 hours in the special care nursery but then she was fine and got to come to the room with us.

Writing this she is almost 4 weeks old and it the highlight of my life. It just amazes me how much you can love someone you've only just met, she's such a blessing to us and our family. Thanks for reading.


Lil said...

What a beautiful baby :) Thanks for sharing!

Lil said...

Hey Kate,
Just wanted to let you know, which I forgot to mention in previous comment... I found a really great blog. The author is a homebirth midwife and she blogs about all things midwifery. She put a video up today of a breech birth, which was beautiful! Just thought I'd share in case you're interested :)
Luv Lil xox