Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Alexia's birth

Alexia Rae born June 10, 2005:

June 10, 2005 5:07am you arrived! It was a Friday. I went in to work on June 9 at 8am and worked until about 4:30. When I went into work I was already having contractions, but since I had never had Braxton hicks I just assumed that’s what the cramping was. When I got home from work I realized the “Braxton hicks” seemed to be somewhat regular, so I decided to take it easy for an hour and time them while I read quotes. The contractions were between 4 and 6 minutes apart, but didn’t seem very strong – so I just hung out for a while. At 8:00ish I called Mark at work to ask him how things were going and tell him I thought we had some “action” going on. He came home soon after. He said “I thought we were supposed to call the doctor when they were five minutes apart-I think you should call.” So I did. Dr. Geerlings said – “Try and wait till midnight, plus then you don’t have to pay for the extra day” (Yes he’s Dutch). So at 9:30ish Mark and I decided to go for a walk to the Soft Spot – an ice cream parlor in Borculo. I got a small chocolate twist and mark got a small deer tracks. The contractions started getting worse on the walk back home. When we got home Mark decided to try and get a quick nap before we left. The contractions definitely were getting worse. At 11:30 I woke him and said – lets get ready to go – it’s getting more painful. He got up and packed the car. The ride to the hospital was painful but short (thankfully the doctor had called ahead so they knew we were coming around midnight.) They brought us right to a labor delivery room at Zeeland Community Hospital. I asked for drugs immediately as things were getting VERY painful. They checked your and my vitals and everything looked well so out they gave me some drugs. I got my first dose around 12:40am June 10 and that made things a bit better. When I got to the hospital and they checked me I was already dilated to 7cm and the nurse said “You did some work before you came in.” I thought ‘good, because it sure felt like it!’ I started pushing around 3:30 and my water broke just after I started pushing (yes I pushed for 1 ½ hours). The doctor barely made it – you almost came before the doctor arrived. Man did it feel good once you were out! You sure were a surprise to me as a little girl ~ but either gender I was very in love. The doctor and most of our friends and family thought you were going to be a boy, but boy were they wrong! You had so much dark hair! You immediately pooped and then as they wiped you off it was smeared all over you! You let out a good scream when you were born too. Mark cut the cord – what a proud new daddy! Mommy was proud too.

Welcome Alexia Rae Vander Pol

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