Saturday, February 02, 2008


Great post over at The Human Pacifier today. I urge you to go and have a read. I agree that epidurals do have their place in the birthing world, but this article outlines a number of the reasons I had for vehemently chosing NO for any analgesia during birth.

I don't judge people for choosing pain relief.. birth IS painful. Seriously, your birth.. your choice. I do however, believe that birth works best WITHOUT drugs. And that's what I chose for my births so far. It makes me sad when people say 'go for the drugs!' and make a big joke out of it.. because most of them do not have enough knowledge in this area to make a truly informed decision / advice.

Yes the drugs may help with the pain, but what about the intervention that often follows... did you want that too? That episiostomy, forceps, ventouse, c-section, sick baby? Did you realise that you were increasing your chances of a birth like that with accepting pain drugs? I just worry that people don't know this. I worry that the side effects are skimmed over in birth education classes.

Yeah it hurt, but it also felt powerful, amazing.. it felt like birth! I felt my babies being born, and I'm so happy about that!

(Of course I know there are exceptions to the drugs = interventions, etc).


Kate said...

I got some quite defensive reactions from people with this post.

Again, I'll say:

your birth, your choice. My birth, my choice.

I don't judge.. I know birth is incredibly painful, more painful than we can ever imagine before it happens to us.

My concern is the lack of education, and people blindly choosing epidurals and other drugs WITHOUT being aware of the extent of the risks.

Rachel said...

Very interesting blog and a great read. Keep em coming!