Friday, December 21, 2007

Bumper stickers

So I decided recently that since we have the apple sticker on the car, and the darwin fish sticker, that I'd like a homebirth sticker to go with them. The older my kids get, the more proud I am of my home birth & my ambulance birth (lol - but was just like a home birth... no intervention, no drugs).

So I'm trying to find a good one. I found this one which nearly made me cry. If midwifery wasn't the norm in New Zealand, I'd totally buy one.

The search continues..


Hannah said...

Hi, Im Hannah from the Manawatu Home Birth Association. I found your blog just a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, we are getting some bumper stickers printed! We have got a quote and we meet again at the end of January when we will be deciding on slogans, we all like the 'save hospital beds...' one and I really like 'pool hire $50... homebirth PRICELESS' one. Also, I think one of the associations already has some, if you check out you may find some in the merchandise section. Cheers and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Hannah said...

No worries, and I'll email my story to you sometime soon, I just have to wait till the harddrive decides to work so I can send some pics with it too. Thanks

Miss Beck said...

Darling, MAKE a sticker. Design one then upload it to Cafepress.