Friday, November 09, 2007

James' birth

Due to being 2 weeks overdue, I was admitted to hospital for
an induction on the 2nd of October - the postnatal ward was
so busy the Midwife had to check they could go ahead. eek I
so didnt want to go home. But all was fine, and the Midwife
and oncall OB came in and administerd the gel at 8.35, Carlo
and I wandered around the hospital a bit in the hopes things
would get moving, I started feeling mild contractions, and
when they put me on the CTG at 2pm I was having mild
contractions every 2 mins. They decided I was contracting
too often to give me more gel and I would have to wait till
morning to recieve any more... and they couldnt break my
waters because my cervix was still closed.
When we realised things werent speeding up I sent Carlo home
for the telly - I so didnt
want to miss Outrageous fortune when I wasnt even in proper
At 6.15 I had a show - and from there my contractions became
stronger. I had another VE at 7.45 and my cervix was still
closed. She said she would see me in the morning..
I had a bath at 8pm but that seemed to stop the
contractions, so I got out again, After outrageous fortune I
decided to have a nap and we decided DH would stay a bit
longer, cos I didnt want to call him back again (and he had
a comfy laZboy)
I woke at 12.00 with a proper contraction! at last something
was happening the contractions were finally lasting a minute
and were definately painful. DH ran the bath for me again
and I hung out in there for an hour or so, I tried to get
out of the bath a few times, but wasnt coping with the gap
between contractions, so back I went. DH was worried about
me and found the hospital midwife who told me nothing was
happening and to get back in the bath. I was able to rest
really well in between contractions in the bath, and even
fell asleep a few times!
AT 3am I asked Carlo to get the Midwife but again the
hospital midwife arrived, felt my tummy during a contraction
and told me I was hours away - I was so disappointed and
quite scared at this point.
I stayed in the bath till 5am when I told Carlo to go and
ring my Midwife and I wasnt taking no for an answer - I
wanted an EPI!! Midwfie arrived about 6am, and I was really
scared she would tell me nothing was happening - but instead
I was 5-6cm dilated. I decided to try the gas first and she
broke my waters. They were full of meconium (old stuff she
thought) which meant I needed to stay attached to the CTG
and the bed. I was offered an EPI at this point but the gas
was SOOO good I declined.
At 8.30 the OB checked me and suggested syntocnin because
although I was having good contractions, there were quite
large gaps between them,and the baby's heartrate kept
dropping (although it kept recovering very well also!) at
9am I was ready to push! finally.
At 10.30 I was still pushing, and although we were making
progress, they were getting concerned about bubs heartrate
which continued to drop and recover so they set up the
ventouse equipment and then bubs recovered and they decided
to wait and see.I continued pushing and things were going ok
- time flew really and about 12.00 they again thought they
would need to do the ventouse and again decided to wait and
see! in the end I almost begged them to do it - the OB asked
me how I was feeling - EXHAUSTED - 3 hours of pushing!! and
all on 1 hours sleep. so off they went - it involved an
episiotomy and was bloody painful. I threw the gas away at
this point - just couldnt concentrate on breathing it in,
kept exhaling instead, so at this point I screamed instead!
that felt good.
At 12.32 on the 3rd of October, out he came - little James
Anthony weighing in at 9lb2oz, 54 cm long and with a 39cm
head. I was on cloud 9 the second they passed him to me!
then they took him to check agpars 9,10,10 so all good and
time to celebrate! James was really alert straight away and
was lifting his head up to look around.

oh and the best bits - the gas, the lemonade popsicle
between pushes and the baby in my arms! And the worst -
stirrups! yuk.