Friday, November 30, 2007

Home Birth Awareness slogans

I just found this great post through Corin's birth blog. I love it!

Shamelessly, copied and pasted from the above blog:

Birth - every home should have one

Save hospital beds for sick people - have a homebirth

Home Made, Home Birthed, Home Grown

HOMEBIRTH - Sacred and Safe

For Safety Choose a Midwife

Better Birth begins at Home

Conceive at home? Birth at home!

Stay-at-home birther

Drugs in birth? Just Say No!

Induction? Just Say No!

Birth pool hire $50.00, scented candle $10.00, new roll of film $6.00, homebirth PRICELESS

Vaginas, they're not just painted on

Birth is not a Disease

Midwives for Birth! Doctors for Disease!

women give birth, pizzas are delivered

homebirth IS the safe option

I was born to birth.

Birthing Goddess

Homebirth. Just do it.

Home Sweet Homebirth

Homebirth. The Thinking Woman's choice.

Made with Love at Home, Arrived with Love at Home

Home is Where My Birth Is

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Larissa said...

I love little slogans like these! I espeically like the one about pizzas being delivered - it really puts it into perspective and highlights how just by simply re-phrasing something we can change the whole attitude/outlook towards it. This is a beautiful site - can't wait for the day when I get to post my own baby's story on it :o)