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Julian's Birth

Julian Emerson’s birth story

Recorded on Nov. 29 and Dec. 11, 2006

My labor began around 1:30 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 23, 2006, (41 weeks to the day) when I woke up to a real contraction, not the typical toning contractions I’d been having for the past several months. This was the night after I went in for some serious acupuncture (with electronic stimulation) at the acupuncture college to bring on labor. I was excited when I had another and yet another contraction and it started to sink in that I was in early labor.

I mentioned that I thought I was in early labor to Jody when he came to bed around 2 a.m. He got me my HypnoBirthing Rainbow Relaxation c.d. sometime during the night and I listened to it with my headphones on to help me stay focused and relaxed. I went through most of the night sleeping in between contractions. When I did have one, I breathed through it and reflected on something I’d read on a message board. One mama said that each time she had a contraction, she thought of her body giving the baby a big hug. That thought made me smile when I read it and so I focused on all the hugs my body was giving my baby for the last time while he was in utero.

I woke up a bit before 9 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 23). Jody and Ava were still sleeping. I continued to have contractions though they weren’t really regularly spaced. I decided to go have some breakfast and watch TV. I had some yogurt, peanut butter toast and Pregnancy Tea and watched a bit of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade while I breathed through contractions. I found the TV to be a bit distracting so I turned it off and mostly lay on the couch. When I got up and moved around, my contractions picked up, but while I laid on the couch, they slowed down a bit. I was feeling pretty tired so I decided that hanging out on the couch was a good thing for now, to save up my energy for when I really needed it.

I called K, my midwife, around 10 a.m. and told her that I was in labor and what was going on with me. She said to check in every few hours – like around 1 p.m. – and let her know how I was doing. She also said she would probably come by to check on me later in the day and take my blood pressure and draw my blood so she could make sure that all was going well with me and there were no signs of HELLP syndrome (which I developed when in labor with Ava). In the meantime, she said I should go eat a big breakfast.

Jody came downstairs (and Ava soon after) and made eggs, turkey bacon and toast. I didn’t feel much like eating, but it tasted good and I slowly ate it all.

After breakfast and watching some of the parade on TV with Ava, I was still feeling really tired, so I decided to go back up to the bedroom and take a nap. That was around noon.

Before I went to sleep, I briefly talked to my sister Carrie on the phone and told her I was in early labor, but I had no idea if the baby would be born that day or when. I just wanted to give her a heads-up since she was planning on being here during the labor (once we needed her) and birth to watch Ava.

Again, I slept between contractions while I napped, but somewhere in that hour or so that I lay in bed, my contractions shifted significantly. They started to get very intense and I had to start vocalizing (or moaning) to get through them. I called out to Jody and told him that things were getting really intense and right around then the phone rang and Jody answered it. It was K (midwife) saying she was on her way by to see how things were going with me. Jody mentioned that it was good she was coming because I had just said that things were getting intense. (I later figured out that I must have been in “transition” during that time.)

I don’t recall if I asked Jody to apply counter-pressure to my back around that time or if he just instinctively did it, but it helped a lot to relieve the back labor I was experiencing.

K arrived around 1:10 p.m. She took my blood pressure, which was normal. (She never got a chance to draw my blood, but it turned out not to matter.) Then I had another contraction which I vocalized through and told her that it really hurt. She wanted to check me then to see how dilated I was. I was thinking that I hoped I was at least 5 cm dilated so that I could get into the birthing pool (which hadn’t been set up yet) or this was going to be a very, very long labor. I can’t remember if she said I was fully dilated when she checked me (though she later told me that I was complete), but she commented that the head was still really high. She felt around a bit more and then excused herself. (I found out later that that was when she discovered what she was feeling was limbs and that the baby was now breech. She excused herself so she could call A, the assisting midwife, and tell her to get to my house ASAP.)

K came back in the room and whispered to Jody that she had felt feet while she was checking my dilation. He didn’t quite realize what that meant at the time. At some point he said something aloud about the baby’s feet, which I heard and replied “feet??” (although I don’t remember this). And K said yes, the baby is breech, which I remember. I didn’t have any weird reaction to this news. I thought I remembered reading stories of babies being born vaginally in the breech position in “Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth,” so I knew it could be done. I wasn’t fearful at all. It was all just very matter of fact in my mind – the baby is breech and I’m going to have to get him out.

Somewhere in there, Jody called Carrie (three times) to come to the house. The last time he talked to her, she said she would be here in 20 minutes, but Jody said at the rate things were going that might be too late. So in the meantime, Ava hung out with me, K and Jody in the bedroom. She never seemed scared or worried for me and I think it helped a LOT that we had watched birth videos and read the “Welcome With Love” book (about a home birth) many times in preparation for the birth. In the book they mention that sometimes moms have to yell and scream and make a lot of noise when babies are born and I am thankful that it said that since I ended up making a LOT of noise myself – something I didn’t expect because I never got vocal while giving birth to Ava. At one point, K asked Ava if she could go downstairs and get her purse for her. Ava did it without missing a beat. She was a great helper.

Anyway, I think it was after K left the room to call A that I felt the first urge to push. It was a completely involuntary urge and I yelled out “I need to push!” I remember K yelling back to go with whatever my body was telling me to do. I think it was on the next contraction or the one after that that my water broke – all over the bed. I had not planned on giving birth in bed, and because things had progressed so quickly at the end, we hadn’t even put a waterproof cover down. I remember thinking – Oh no! I’m soaking our new mattress! (Our mattress was only six months old. Thankfully, it cleaned up and dried out nicely.)

The baby’s feet were born first without too much pushing on my part. Jody left the room during that time and I yelled to K, “Where is he going?!” furious because he was no longer applying counter-pressure to my back. She said, “He’s getting the camera.” And I yelled, “I don’t care about pictures!” He did snap a few of the baby’s feet coming out, but only one turned out because K’s hand was in the way of the others.

Jody called the professional photographer we hired to photograph the birth around the time I started pushing, but got her voicemail. By the time she called back, the baby had been born. (We opted to have her take family pictures a few weeks later instead.)

Carrie arrived after his feet were born and took Ava downstairs since things were very intense in the bedroom.

After his feet and legs came out, K said I needed to move to the end of the bed, so that gravity would be on our side. I said, “No” emphatically, not wanting to move a muscle. K said I *had* to move, so she and Jody picked me up and scooted me to the foot of the bed. She then told Jody that we needed to get into a supported squat position, so he held me under my arms while I began to bear down with everything I had.

I started out pushing with contractions, but it didn’t take long for K to say she wanted me to push whether I was having a contraction or not. I’ve heard enough birth stories to know this meant that I needed to get the baby out ASAP, so I pushed and pushed, taking breaks just long enough to catch my breath.

While his body was being born, A (the assisting midwife) arrived.

I don’t remember birthing him as being painful per se, but it was really, really intense work. I vocalized through every push and couldn’t imagine doing it without making noise. I think I opened my eyes once and then closed them again so I could focus on pushing. I also remember moving my right hand to the top of my belly. It helped me feel more connected with the baby and the job we both were working on.

Once his body was born (but his head still inside me), at K’s urging I pushed with everything I had to get his head to come out. I remember wondering if I was pushing enough or if I would be able to do it, but his head emerged with one really hard push.

Our son, Julian Emerson, fully entered the world at 2:14 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 23, 2006, after about 13 hours of labor, only one of which was really intense, and about 45 minutes of pushing. It was approximately 1 hour after K had arrived to our house.

It turned out that Julian’s umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck three times. It is for that reason, my midwife and I believe, that he ended up turning into a breech position in the days or hours before he was born. It was as if he “knew” he couldn’t safely be born head-down with the cord as it was, so he flipped to a safer position – in an act of self-preservation.

Also, I later learned that his right arm was tucked back behind his head and K had to reach inside me and pull it down so that he could be born without damaging it or getting stuck. She also reached in while his feet were being born to make sure they both came out together and one didn’t get wedged in.

Julian scored a measly 3 on his first Apgar, then an 8 on the second one done 5 minutes later. A gave him a few puffs of air mouth-to-mouth to help get him breathing, while they encouraged us to talk to our baby. It didn’t take long for him to start breathing, and in the meantime, he was still getting oxygen from the umbilical cord that was left attached to the placenta until it stopped pulsing. Jody and Ava cut the umbilical cord together a little over an hour after he was born.

Julian weighed in at 9 lbs., 8 oz., was 22 inches long, and had a 15 inch head. What a big boy!

After the intensity of that birth and such a large baby, I ended up with only a first-degree tear, requiring four stitches. Not bad at all.

Giving birth to a baby in the breech position felt so different from birthing a head-down baby (as Ava was). With Ava, once her head was out, it felt like the rest of her just slid right out. With Julian, I felt like I had to work for every ounce of him to be born – saving the hardest part – his head – for last.

It was an amazing, incredible and very intense experience, but, if you ask me, it could not have turned out more perfectly. We have so much to be thankful for. We have a healthy baby boy and I had a great home birth with our amazing midwife. It is a Thanksgiving Day our family will never forget!

Click here to visit the story, as originally posted, with beautiful photos!

Home Birth Awareness slogans

I just found this great post through Corin's birth blog. I love it!

Shamelessly, copied and pasted from the above blog:

Birth - every home should have one

Save hospital beds for sick people - have a homebirth

Home Made, Home Birthed, Home Grown

HOMEBIRTH - Sacred and Safe

For Safety Choose a Midwife

Better Birth begins at Home

Conceive at home? Birth at home!

Stay-at-home birther

Drugs in birth? Just Say No!

Induction? Just Say No!

Birth pool hire $50.00, scented candle $10.00, new roll of film $6.00, homebirth PRICELESS

Vaginas, they're not just painted on

Birth is not a Disease

Midwives for Birth! Doctors for Disease!

women give birth, pizzas are delivered

homebirth IS the safe option

I was born to birth.

Birthing Goddess

Homebirth. Just do it.

Home Sweet Homebirth

Homebirth. The Thinking Woman's choice.

Made with Love at Home, Arrived with Love at Home

Home is Where My Birth Is

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James' birth

Due to being 2 weeks overdue, I was admitted to hospital for
an induction on the 2nd of October - the postnatal ward was
so busy the Midwife had to check they could go ahead. eek I
so didnt want to go home. But all was fine, and the Midwife
and oncall OB came in and administerd the gel at 8.35, Carlo
and I wandered around the hospital a bit in the hopes things
would get moving, I started feeling mild contractions, and
when they put me on the CTG at 2pm I was having mild
contractions every 2 mins. They decided I was contracting
too often to give me more gel and I would have to wait till
morning to recieve any more... and they couldnt break my
waters because my cervix was still closed.
When we realised things werent speeding up I sent Carlo home
for the telly - I so didnt
want to miss Outrageous fortune when I wasnt even in proper
At 6.15 I had a show - and from there my contractions became
stronger. I had another VE at 7.45 and my cervix was still
closed. She said she would see me in the morning..
I had a bath at 8pm but that seemed to stop the
contractions, so I got out again, After outrageous fortune I
decided to have a nap and we decided DH would stay a bit
longer, cos I didnt want to call him back again (and he had
a comfy laZboy)
I woke at 12.00 with a proper contraction! at last something
was happening the contractions were finally lasting a minute
and were definately painful. DH ran the bath for me again
and I hung out in there for an hour or so, I tried to get
out of the bath a few times, but wasnt coping with the gap
between contractions, so back I went. DH was worried about
me and found the hospital midwife who told me nothing was
happening and to get back in the bath. I was able to rest
really well in between contractions in the bath, and even
fell asleep a few times!
AT 3am I asked Carlo to get the Midwife but again the
hospital midwife arrived, felt my tummy during a contraction
and told me I was hours away - I was so disappointed and
quite scared at this point.
I stayed in the bath till 5am when I told Carlo to go and
ring my Midwife and I wasnt taking no for an answer - I
wanted an EPI!! Midwfie arrived about 6am, and I was really
scared she would tell me nothing was happening - but instead
I was 5-6cm dilated. I decided to try the gas first and she
broke my waters. They were full of meconium (old stuff she
thought) which meant I needed to stay attached to the CTG
and the bed. I was offered an EPI at this point but the gas
was SOOO good I declined.
At 8.30 the OB checked me and suggested syntocnin because
although I was having good contractions, there were quite
large gaps between them,and the baby's heartrate kept
dropping (although it kept recovering very well also!) at
9am I was ready to push! finally.
At 10.30 I was still pushing, and although we were making
progress, they were getting concerned about bubs heartrate
which continued to drop and recover so they set up the
ventouse equipment and then bubs recovered and they decided
to wait and see.I continued pushing and things were going ok
- time flew really and about 12.00 they again thought they
would need to do the ventouse and again decided to wait and
see! in the end I almost begged them to do it - the OB asked
me how I was feeling - EXHAUSTED - 3 hours of pushing!! and
all on 1 hours sleep. so off they went - it involved an
episiotomy and was bloody painful. I threw the gas away at
this point - just couldnt concentrate on breathing it in,
kept exhaling instead, so at this point I screamed instead!
that felt good.
At 12.32 on the 3rd of October, out he came - little James
Anthony weighing in at 9lb2oz, 54 cm long and with a 39cm
head. I was on cloud 9 the second they passed him to me!
then they took him to check agpars 9,10,10 so all good and
time to celebrate! James was really alert straight away and
was lifting his head up to look around.

oh and the best bits - the gas, the lemonade popsicle
between pushes and the baby in my arms! And the worst -
stirrups! yuk.