Monday, September 10, 2007

Beautiful, beautiful! Made me cry..


Corin said...

Hi Kate!
Nice to finally formally meet you. I think I've tried to access your personal blog a few times and couldn't cause well, it's personal! Ha ha ha. Anyway, I remember finding your birth stories blog a while back and liking it, then loosing it! So yay, here you are. Anyway, great work. You'll def hear from me a lot more often now!

Lil said...

Wow, that was beautiful! Made me cry too! Just cements the fact that I want to be a midwife soooo badly. I was tossing up about whether to apply to study my midwifery next year. That video has made up my mind! I have a month to go to put my application in! Better get moving hey. There's so many things I want to say about my passion for wanting to be a midwife, just cant find the words. Thanks for this post Kate!
Luv Lil xox

crankybee said...

It took me so long to be game enough to watch this - you know what a wuss I am! But I am so glad I did, even though I am very grateful it was in black and white! LOL! You're right, it was beautiful and I couldn't get over the joy that the mother showed when she grabbed onto that baby!