Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Harrison's birth story

I was booked in for a stretch and sweep at 8am at the hospital on
Wednesday 11th. I met the midwife there and got hooked up on the baby
monitor for a while. She said we would do the stretch and sweep and
see how things went and if nothing happened I would be induced on the
Monday (16th april) because of the strikes.
She did the stretch and sweep and managed to get to 3cms dilated which
was good. She went away and spoke to the doctor and came back and said
that they would induce me that day since all went well.
I had the gel to start inducing at about 11.30 and my midwife left and
said that she would come back at 5 and do another stetch and sweep and
break my waters. Not what I was expecting and I couldn't believe that
I would finally get to meet my baby.
At about 2.30 I started to feel twinges and they were picked up on the
monitor. My the time my midwife got back at 5 I knew that it was all
starting to happen. She said that they would break my waters and then
at about 7 they would put me on the drip to get things moving along.
She broke the waters and unfortunatley there was meconium
and I was a little panicked. We had to go straight to the birthing
suite to get me put on the drip.
I'm not even sure if I really even needed the drip by about 7 I was
having really strong contractions and they weren't even really pumping
that much into me. The contractions got stronger and stronger and by
9pm I was having strong contactions every couple of minutes and I
thought it would be all over soon. I was really starting to struggle
but i thought it would be ok. They asked me if I wanted pain relief
and I asked if the pain would get any worse and the hospital midwife
said I had a long night ahead of me and it would be at least another 3
hours. By this stage I knew that there was no way that I could take
the pain for that long, with every contraction I was shaking so badly.
It was hard just lying there hooked up to the drip and the monitor not
really being able to move around. I said that I wanted an epidural and
they went and organised this for me. The lady only took 20 mins which
i was really pleased about. They administered that and the pain went
away really quickly and I could calm myself down. She did say that it
may not block all the pain and sure enough I could still feel the
contractions on my right hip and butt which was weird but managable.
Slowly I could feel the contactions again and they gave me another
dose and the pain got worse and worse. They checked me again and it
was time to start pushing yay! I think it was just after midnight. My
midwife had to get the doctor in because the babies heart rate had
started to drop which freaked me out. I started pushing which was
really weird at first because it was like pushing nothing and was
really hard to focus on. As the baby moved down a bit and I could
actually able to feel where he was at I was able to focus and push
much better.
I think he had a bit of the cord wrapped around him and that was why
his heart rate dropped they got someone in to check him out when he
was born and he got a little bit of oxygen because his breathing was
rapid. Apart from that he was fine.
They gave me a quick gab to pass the placenta which didn't take long
at all that goodness.
I don't think I will ever forget what it was like when they fist
placed my baby on my chest I still can't believe that he is mine :)

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