Sunday, February 04, 2007

Molly's Birth

Molly Grace was born at 11pm on December 29th... she had a bit of a bumpy ride into the world starting with an induction which was (as it usually is) the beginning of a "cascade of intervention" which ended with her being born vaginally with the help of forceps (and episiotomy... eew). Molly got a bit stuck on the way out and needed help breathing when she was born, as I was pushing uphill (in styrrups!! (spelling??)) after having an epidural.....sooo... not the birth I planned but I was pretty much told I "had" to have an induction before new years as they don't do inductions on public holidays (what the??!!) and the baby might DIE if I go past 42 weeks....(note: Molly was born covered in vernix and the placenta was huge and healthy...) typical doctors who want to "manage" childbirth...

I know I could have said get stuffed, I know my baby will be fine- but I think they know that as soon as they mention stillbirth they have the power. I KNOW it would have been different if I had let her come when she was ready and I know I should have been more assertive- but... all that said- she is here now and is absolutely beautiful- the joy of my world. She spent the first day and night in special care for observation but behaved like a perfectly normal baby after stabilising really quickly and I was able to have her room in with me for a day and a night before we were discharged today.

Welcome to the world Molly!

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Steph said...

Wow, she's so cute!!