Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Olivia's birth

October, 2006
Auckland, New Zealand

Olivia Jades Birthday
Short and Sweet!!

I had just hit 38 weeks, and was trying to not expect to go into labour within the next couple of days, as I went into labour with Kaylee at 38.1 and had her at 38.2, so I was thinking, yeah, right, NOONE goes into labour at exactly the same time, they are always either earlier or later! But I just knew something was going to happen very soon, my midwife (Jo) had even said to me at our last appointment when she was making my next appointment, “knowing you, this will be a postnatal visit, not and antenatal one!” I was happy with that statement! She also said that she thought I wouldn’t last the week, again, I was happy with that! But trying SO hard not to expect it, as I still could of gone another 4 weeks!

I woke up the next day (38.1 weeks) and at around 10am I felt her definitely drop down, and it did take my breath away! I had some minor pains afterwards and carried on having regular minor contractions for the rest of the evening.

We had a Mortgage Broker arrive at our house (pre arranged appointment) at around 6pm and went about doing a bit of talking and paperwork, we were just tying up the loose ends and doing a bit of photocopying (about 7pm) when I was standing talking to the guy and I felt my waters break, EW! GUSH! I had to quickly excuse myself and go and get cleaned up! The contractions were getting a bit stronger, so I called Kate, and she came over, but unfortunately by the time she got here the contractions stopped altogether! Kate went back home and we went to bed, (10pm)

I woke again at around 1am with definite strong regular contractions, whoa! Now I remember this pain! I managed to hold off until about 2.30am when I woke Darryl as I wanted him to make me wheatbags and get me panadol! We rang Jo at around 3-3.30am-ish, I was ready to pack up and go to hospital, like hell was I going to do another several hours of this! Give me the drugs!!!

Darryl was getting a bit worried as the contractions were coming a lot faster and I was in serious agony, I found it really hard to breathe through the contractions by now and started to feel myself lose control and my body take over, that was difficult for me because I hate losing control. Darryl ran me a bath and the midwife arrived just as I hopped in, Darryl said to the midwife, “shall we go to hospital, im really worried about how long this will go for” the midwife told him that judging by how I was acting, there was NO time!

I was in the bath for around 15-20 minutes and had definitely lost control by then, Darryl was pumping the rescue remedy into me and then I said “I have to push” the midwife said “no you don’t, not yet, don’t push” then she put her hand between my legs and was like “hmm ok if you want to push you either have to stay right under the water or get out of the bath” I wanted out of the bath and onto the bed by then, I was helped out of the bath and walked into my bedroom, I made it to the end corner of my bed, and I said I have to push NOW!” so things went down on the floor under where I was standing, to protect it, (Kate arrived at this time, and she thought I was just getting internals done, she had no idea I was ready to go! She was in the lounge with Kaylee - who had woken up at 3am and was on the couch watching cartoons… we were not arguing with her!)

I could definitely feel the head moving down and out, I was pushing but not too hard really, gravity kind of did its thing for me and really helped, the head come out, and straight away she started crying, it was such a relief that this was nearly over, I had to push the shoulders out, and Olivia Jade was born, 4.22am on Friday 27 October 2006. She was passed up between my legs; I remember the cord rubbing a bit on my fanny, ohhh such agony! Kate came in and took some photos, (no I will not be sharing them!) and I made it back onto my bed holding my new baby girl and delivered the placenta with a couple of pushes, its such a relief once that is out, its finally all over, you just feel so free again!

I stayed holding Olivia for a long time afterwards, Darryl cut the cord once it stopped pulsing and Kaylee came in to meet her new sister, was a very sweet moment.

Jo checked Olivia over and she was weighed at 7pds 6oz, 50cm long, Apgar score of 10, i finally got up off the bed and had a shower, was an amazing shower, I tell you! It just felt so good to have a hot shower after so much intense pain. Then I was dressed and was sitting in the lounge by 6.30am with Darryl, Kaylee, Olivia, Kate, Natalia and Jo and ready to start my day as a mum of 2 now! I felt so good, and so happy, and apart from being a bit sore and tender, perfectly normal, able to walk and talk, it was just so nice to stay home, be in my own surroundings and have my own bathroom! I don’t regret it for a minute and im pretty sure I had the perfect homebirth, I just found it so calm and relaxed and peaceful.

Olivia has been a dream, she is feeding well, sleeping well, hardly cries (only when its feed time!) and its just been so wonderful to add her into our family, Kaylee is a fantastic big sister, has lots of kisses and cuddles for Olivia, and is so sweet and gentle, although does need a bit of reminding now and again! It will take us a bit of adjusting and a lot of time management, but we will just enjoy the ride for now.