Monday, September 25, 2006

Zoe's birth

Date: 29th August 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia

Monday 28th August
- Doctors appointment at 11:30am. Blood pressure was up slightly and therefore the doctor thought it would be best to admit me for induction. So off to hospital at 6pm. The gel was applied at 8pm and I was given a mild sedative to ensure a good nights sleep for a very hectic day that lie ahead. Jamie headed home about 10pm for a decent nights sleep also.

Tuesday 29th August - Woke at 5am for a shower and to prepare for the big day ahead. Jamie arrived at 6am and the midwife came about 10 mins later for an internal and to apply a second lot of gel. After the second lot I started getting some cramps but nothing that gave any real discomfort. Just mild period like pains. The doctor came about 9am and performed an internal. This proved that the cervix had come around a little from the previous day but was still quite high. I was given until 1pm to make any real progress. If nothing had happened by then it was off to delivery for my waters to be broken and get the ball rolling. We spent all morning pacing the corridors of the maternity ward trying to encourage something to happen but no real progress so as planned off to delivery suite for the real action to begin. The doctor arrived at about 2pm where she broke my waters and put my on a syntocin drip to encourage the contractions. Boy did they encourage then alright!! None of this 10 mins apart crap!! They were super painful to begin with but just very regular which was tiring. Another internal was done at 6pm when it was revealed I was only dilated 2cm. What??? All that for only 2cm!! At this point I was having difficulty with the pain. Mainly because I was confined to the limits of the bed or standing beside the bed with the syntocin drip and the fetal monitor which was permanently attached to my belly to monitor Zoe's condition at all times. At this point I opted for the gas. What a weird feeling that is! I was a little spaced out with it but I more so remember the tingling feeling it gave me in my face. Very strange indeed. It did take the edge off the pain though so it did the job. At 8pm another internal was done to reveal I'd now dilated 3cm! WTF!!! How could I be in so much pain and not even be half way there!!! The doctor said we would have at least another 8 hours of labour before getting anywhere near then end. When the doctor looked at the monitoring of baby Zoe it showed she wasn't coping very well and her heart was a little on the erratic side so in the best interest for her safety we chose the c-section. The anaesthetist came to see me where I signed my life away and he did the usual run down on what would happen and various complications associated with the procedure. I was taken immediately up to the theatre where I received the spinal block/epidural and at 8:41pm little Zoe arrived into the world!! It was without a doubt the most memorable experience of my life and nothing will ever beat it. To hear that little cry for the first time just brings tears to your eyes and it's like she already knew who we were. She was so alert!! That was what really surprised my the most. She was without a doubt the most beautiful little thing I'd ever seen (biased!!) before in my life. After she was cleaned up and wrapped I got to spend about 5 mins with her while they were stitching me up. After this she was taken back to maternity with Jamie where she was weighed and measured etc. The doctor came to see me before I went to recovery and gave me a run down of what happened during the procedure. Basically little Zoe was in no hurry at all to enter this world on her own accord. She was stuck and had to be removed using the forceps. Yes that's right forceps even in a c-section delivery!! She was apparently entering the birth canal face first with her head tilted back. This would have been a very ugly natural birth indeed so in the end the right decision was made. We are all healthy and that is really all that matters. In reality I was pretty terrified of a c-section before I went into hospital and the thought of a epidural was just as horrifying but it wasn't all as bad as I thought it would be. I suppose an epidural in my circumstances was not the same as with a natural birth and I couldn't imagine a c-section under general anaesthetic so I really can't compare the two. Anyway, after half an hour in recovery I was back in the ward with my beautiful little baby at 9:45pm and in total awe! Needless to say I didn't sleep much that night. Although I was totally exhausted I was running on pure adrenalin!!

Wednesday 30th August - Not much sleep the night before. With both the nurses coming in every 30 mins - 1 hours to do obs etc and just pretty much lying awake looking at my beautiful little baby who could sleep! Jamie woke at about 6am and we just sat there admiring our daughter. I had the catheder in so I was unable to get out of bed or anything but was itching for a shower. The doctor arrived at 9am to check up on us and at that time I was advised I was allowed to have the catheder removed. Yes!! I don't think the nurse had left the room and I was already out of bed and headed for the shower!! It's amazing how much more human you feel after a nice shower! From then on it was motherhood for me!

Zoe Marie -
Weight - 3.88kg / 8lb 9oz
Length - 51 cm
Hair - Strawberry Blonde

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