Friday, September 29, 2006

"Things I've done during labour"

Things I've done while in labour.

* Eat at a restaurant (early stages of a long slow part of labour)

* Take my eldest to our local playground while hanging off trees and yelling during contractions ("Mummy tummy working hard?" "YES! Mummy tummy working VERY hard!")

* Drink castor oil (didn't seem to speed up the slow one)

* Machine quilt (brought the sewing machine to the hospital)

* Eat chocolates

* Moan, grunt, growl

* Breastfeed my eldest

* "I don't think the baby will come tonight but you may as well ring the support people just in case, but tell them to bring their books." (Denial)

* Bathe (great!)

* Gaze at a lit Christmas tree

* Hide my head in a pillow

* Visualise pushing a truck up a hill with my support people beside me, cheering me on but not helping

* Bite

* Demand acapella singing, reading aloud, acupressure, no - different massage, food, drink, ice, cold cloths on the back of my neck, silence and distracting conversation.

* Move around

* Wish I could still move around

* Try not to push

* Wish I'd mentioned to my midwife that I'd prefer any vaginal exams on my hands and knees

* Push

* Poo

* Bleed on things

* Forget what people were saying during their sentences

* Have a baby (twice)

* Enjoy the boneless sliding of the placenta on its gentle way out (twice)

Both my babies came out fast once I was dilating, the first was late and I didn't start dilating for 10 days of on-and-off-again patches of labour (and having been through "real" labour I can't call that "false" because it was the same). The second was early. I birthed both kneeling, though I wanted to get into a different position for my second as she was part way through and I just couldn't get up. Both were natural and pretty much drug free (I had a little gas when my midwife broke my waters for the first, late, baby. It felt stupid, like why would I do recreational drugs when I was busy having an important baby). The first was in hospital, the second at home. The home birth was fantastic, the hospital birth was fine.

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