Saturday, September 30, 2006

Emerson's birth

Born: Sunday 11th January 2004 Wanganui Hospital

I am a mum to a 5 year old and 17 month old at this stage, I am due in 2 dys when my third child is born and I can't wait, I have 3 vaginal infections, yuck. Which my midwife tells me are not sexually transmitted, dont you love that. you have to laugh. It all started on the Friday when my midwife asks me to come into the hospital and go on a monitor to see how we're going. The resultsa dont look too good , the baby isnt moving very much. My midiwfe sends me home and tells me to come back at 4:30pm and we'll have another go. She tells me she will probably have to induce m on Monday. I go back at 4:30 and go back on the monitor. It looks like I am having contractions, though I cannot feel them yet. Which I dont mind. So she sends me home and we'll wait and see what happens. She also gives me some evening primrose capsules to insert ot help things along. I wake on Saturday morning to get up to the kids and I can feel the contractions but they're not too bad. Greg is at work so I carry on my day with the kids, housework and everything. My midiwfe rings and tells me that everything will probably happen once we get the kids to bed that night. We have dinner and get the kids bathed and off to bed. Sit down to watch tele and relax and my contractions become quite painful now. We head off to bed, Greg gets some sleep and I am sitting on the side of the bed squeezing his hand everytime I have a contraction.Yet he is still sleeping. It is now midnight and I am feeling like I wanna push, so I ring my midwife, she says meet you a hospital. ring mum and wake her to come and sleep at our house to be with the kids and while I am waiting for her to get there I am vomiting, something I do everytime I am in labour. We get to the hospital at 12:15 am and I am 8 cms, it is now that I decide that I dont care about drug free birth and I want some drugs but it is too late. The midwife breaks my waters for me again and we are away. My beautiful girl is born at 1:11 am . I do have to say that she also had the chord around her neck and had passed meconium in her waters too. Dont ask me why all my babies had that problem. I am not sure. The only thing that matters is that they are all okay. I did have to wait in hospital with her for 12 hours to be watched as I had a staph infection and we had to be sure she hadnt caught it whilst being born. I had started antibiotics a few days beforehand so we were lucky it was caught. Babies can die from staph infections and they get sick before you can tell. So I am very thankful to have her here safe and sound. She is truly beautiful and tops off the 4 greatest things to happen to me in my life. My 3 gorgeous kids and my beautiful husband.
8 pounds 12 oz, where she hid it, I dont know.
Welcome to the world Emerson Rose.

Submitted by Mistie

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