Saturday, September 30, 2006

Cian's birth

Lincoln Hopsital < Christchurch
10:30pm Friday August 30th 2002.

Well when my eldest daughter Quinn was a year old, I managed to meet a wonderful man, who I had met in high school but not really known very well. Romance bloomed, we dated, moved in together, got engaged and got married. I di it right this time. LOL. My daughter was 3 when I got pregnant again. She was very excited,as my husband and I also were. I was due a week before Quinns 4 th birthday. The pregnancy went well apart from being super hungry and putting on about 20 kgs. I knew this was a hungry child,a dn I was right. On the day before I was due I woke about midnight having felt a little pop and then wet in my bed. I woke Greg and told him that I thought my water had broken. We then rang my midiwfe and told her, she said to relax and see what happens but to meet her at 6 am . I dropped my daughter off to my parents while we went. She met us there and said that nothing much was happening, it could take hours and to go home and she would check on us later. So we went home. Mum kept Quinn for the day. I started to have contractions but they were weird. I had major back pain and my contractions were I'd have one then 1 min later have another 1 and then nothing for 10 mins. Barbara did an exam and said that I was 3 cms dialted and that the baby was posterior. So no wonder the back pain. She told me to walk every 30mins for 10 mins , rest and then go again. When not walking , be on hands and knees trying to get baby to turn. She then said she'd ring later. She did and told us to meet her at the hospital at 8pm. We got to the hospital, a small rural one just out of Christchurch and I was the only person there, that was great. The two midwives decided that my waters hadnt broken properly but merely popped a little, so they broke them for me, yet again, this brought everything on harder and faster. I then began to vomit and was sent to the spa bath to relax. This was great, the jets helped relieve my back pain. Now when it came time to get out and birth this baby, I couldn't move. My husband lifted me out of the bath and helped me over to the bed. I forgot to say, that this baby had also passed meconium and was distressed, so I couldn't have him in the water. After a bit of pushing, burning and pain, Cian was born. It felt like this took forever and I couldn't open my eyes. Here he was, this beautiful boy, but to scare his mother he wasn't breathing, he almost looked like he was gone. I began to panic, the midwives were suctioning him and he had an oxygen mask being held over his nose and mouth. then all of a sudden he let out a big cry and opened his eyes. Thank god. He was beautiful. It took us atleast 5 mins to sse if he was a boy or girl. He was an 8 pond 10 oz big healthy boy. I had no pain relief for this birth either. It all happens so fast once my waters go. Welcome to our world Cian Ethan.

Submitted by Mistie.

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