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Christopher & Stephanie's birth

Christopher and Stephanie - 28th September 1995

Auckland - New Zealand

Pregnancy was difficult - had to stop work at 12 weeks due to the safety factor of the twins and was on bed rest for the 9 months with stays in hospital when required.

September 27th 8am – arrived at North Shore Hospital for a planned induction. I was 35.5 weeks, and the twins were becoming stressed. Don’t remember much of the next 24 hours but here goes.

Pains began at about 11am, also at this time they placed an epidural in (not fun) so we waited and waited, later that afternoon, nothing much happened so had my waters broken. When the midwife came back and checked I was about 3 cm dilated – the pain was bad at times, I remember saying the f**k word a bit and having soaks in the bath by about 7pm still not a lot happening. I tried the gas and hated it. Still pains and starting to get tired from all of this. Still only about 5 cm dilated so knew I was in for a long night. At this stage my parents were there and Andy and MIL. Anyway not a lot happened for another few hours at about 11pm was told I was about 7 cm dilated whoohoo I thought “I am going to have these twins naturally”. A sudden enthusiasm came over me and I got excited thinking it was all going to happen in the next hour or so I tried to push when told and did everything in my power to have these twins naturally – how wrong could I be!!!!

By 3.10am I was exhausted and the twins were in danger especially Christopher who was getting more distressed by the second, so the specialist said enough and we decided my only option was C section – my heart was broken, because I knew we were probably only going to have the twins I really wanted a natural birth. But then another bout of pain and I screamed get me to theatre, I had, had enough, I was exhausted and in great pain. So within what seemed like seconds but was proberly minutes I was in theatre wide awake waiting for the twins to be born and out came Christopher at 3.31am followed 1 minute later by Stephanie at 3.32am. I heard them cry they gave me a quick look and took them away. I remember panicking thinking what was happening, I heard them cry again what a relief that was. They were 2260 grams and 2080 grams

Anyway I assume I was stitched back up and then got told we needed to transfer in an ambulance to National Women’s Hospital as the twins needed to go to SCBU – well that made me panic as no-one bothered to tell about what SCBU was. Anyway this is where the nightmare began…….

Waited for an ambulance and we had to wait for one from National Women’s for what ever reason, meanwhile we are in a corridor waiting by the ambulance bay – this being the twins, nurse and me as we thought the ambulance was only a few minutes away. They told me one was on the way well 1 ½ hours later it arrived – by this stage panic was setting in with the nurse re: the twins they were having trouble breathing and very cold. At this stage Andy had taken the car and gone home and gone to National Women’s and still bet me there – and he was starting to wonder what had happened to me. Why they could not take an ambulance form North Shore I will never know. The worse part was they wanted to leave me at North Shore Hospital and take the twins to National Women’s (over my dead body).

Finally the ambulance arrived at 5.30am and we had to share an ambulance with another lady who needed to go to Auckland Hospital so we had to make a detour there, meanwhile she was vomiting in the back of the ambulance all the way there…… dropped her off and finally got to National Women’s at about 6.30am. They rushed the twins to SCBU and took me to a ward – I mean what the hell I wanted to be with my babies. Andy came and got me, found me a wheelchair and took me to them. I finally saw my babies properly for the first time, they were so tiny (well they looked tiny) and so perfect. They were on breathing apparatus and had needles coming out of them….. but they were alive and that was alI I was worried about. Finally the tears arrived, I cried and cried….

My stay in National Women’s was nightmare, as because I had the twins at North Shore Hospital the politics took over, my specialist (who I had had, right from when I knew I was having twins) had to come and visit me as a friend because he was not allowed to be my specialist there - I felt like an outsider no nurses in the ward spoke to me…… It was a disaster but having said that the staff at SCBU were AWESOME and the most FANTSTIC nurses anybody could have asked for.

5 Days later the twins and I were transferred back to North Shore Hospital where it was wonderful, because I had twins I got a room of my own and a double room. I got treated with respect and 2 days later I felt confident enough to go home.

And that is my story…….

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Mello4me said...

Thanx Kate what an awesome site, I will deffinately be back to catch up on new ones and will work at getting my through to you.
I love to read birth stories it is great to hear such fantastic births. Women need something like this, there are so many positve stories out there and rather than the scray scenes depicted on tv women need to feel empowered going into birth rather than fearful.. Well done Kate

Hayley said...

i love hearing about Twins! I'm so glad everything turned out well.
Thanks for sharing